So…  today (Friday 13th September 2019) is the day that I left my job as a Senior Site Manager and continue my venture full time with The Woodshop & Joinery Company. After so many years progressing my career from an apprentice joiner and having ambitions to move further up the ranks, I decided it isn’t for me and wanted to go back to my roots to what I enjoy best…  playing with wood!

I’d like to thank everyone who has made this possible, previous and continuous customers and a massive thank you to all of my supportive friends and family.

If you hate your job move on, if you have negative people around you get rid. There’s more to life than money and materialistic things, show offs and false relationships. If you aren’t happy, stressed, depressed and suffering from issues that makes you hurt inside, speak up. Take control and push away all the negativity around you. Luckily for me I’ve done that now after taking a long time to realise it. Now, from this day, is a new chapter with new ambitions and positivity around me.

…If I can do it, so can you!!


Working alongside well experienced carpenters, I gained quality techniques and skills which progressed throughout the years. Ambitions within management gave me that drive to move within managing multi-million pound projects within the North East of England ranging from Housing to Care homes, from Pubs & Restaurants to Science Labs.


Never leaving my routes, I decided to express my passion for woodworking to give life to what were ideas. I began creating pieces for my own home and soon found the Etsy market.

Being an animal lover, owning numerous dogs over the years and being within a family of pet businesses I decided to grow and extend further into raised pet feeders which opens a wide range of health benefits for your dog or cat.



Establishing The Woodshop & Joinery Company Ltd late in 2017, I decided to take my passion and ideas to another level expanding and growing further by creating unique custom home furniture and pet furniture. Each item you find in our store has been handcrafted by us in our workshop. We design each piece to fit any style and love completing custom pieces that can be treasured for years to come. Based in Northumberland England we find inspiration every day with our beautiful coastline and countryside.